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4BD Cicago Exhibition

< SAKIROO 작가와 미국 시카고에서 ICAHABOD 전시를 함께 참여 하였습니다 >

In Civilizations Horrors Abound But Our David Will Save Us
After a conversation with DAVID, from Chicago, about American gang culture and violence, I decided to create visual works expanding on the ICHABOD Will Save Us theme. This year I have been interested in ancient religion, myths, and various civilizations. I have also explored the juxtaposition of good, evil, gods, and devils. Where good is evil is present. My personal project for 2013 consists of artistic works derived from this research. Currently these original works are displayed at The DAVID Creative in Chicago, IL.

​포비디(4BD) 소속 아티스트 1000day 의 작품이 소개되었습니다.





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